Sailing The Dubrovnik Way


Dubrovnik ships sailed all “then know” seas around the world.In the English ports they made such a deep impression on their spectators that a new English word was coined – argosy (a distorted version of the Italian name for Dubrovnik, Ragusa) which later came to be used as an expression for a huge sailing-ship or general expression for large merchant ships. Argosy is even mentioned by Shakespeare in his play Merchant of Venice.

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Dance on Stradun

Luckily I ran into a lovely song about main street in old town of Dubrovnik – Stradun. The author of the song is Luko Paljetak, a famous poet from Dubrovnik.

That’s not a mere street but a paternoster

of everyday life, our anteroom, a hall

of Versailles, a place where you can walk and ball,

according to the tune and to yourself, impostor.

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Cvijeta Zuzorić

Cvijeta Zuzorić (Flora Zuzori, Floria Zuzzeri)  was born in Dubrovnik in 1552, and died in Ancona in 1648. As a little girl she went with her father to Ancona where she acquired higher education and where she socialize with many artists.

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